Maura BonnerPhotographic Services

The photographic services I offer include the following: in studio or natural light portraits, journalistic or formal style coverage of weddings and events, pet photography – exotics included, fine art images.

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Introducing Maura Bonner

I am a photographer living in Southeastern Connecticut and I love taking pictures! I love watching traffic, wondering where everyone is going, where they have been. I love listening to the rain, singing out loud, laughing til I cry. The smell of fresh cut grass, hot chocolate and cookies. Puppy breath, kitten purrs and babies’ gurgles.
I love learning the stories of strangers and these strangers becoming friends.
Photography for me is both an art and a lifestyle.
I photograph because I love to, I photograph because I have to. I capture moments that would otherwise be forgotten. I find joy in making these moments last forever. Recording the union of marriage, the reunion of family, or the tender years of childhood and all the moments in between is an honor that I thank you all for.

I have been involved in the pet care business for the past 20 years and have witnessed the intimate emotion between pets and their people. As a photographer, I strive to capture an image that will remind the viewer of a specific moment in their life and touches them in a way only a photograph can, by reformulating a memory.
My formal training is from The Rhode Island School of Design, particularly, the digital photography certificate program. I have also interned for a year under the tutelege of a fine arts photographer.
This is my story.  What’s yours?